At Microdance we aim to bring innovative solutions to your choreographic challenges. Applying tools and techniques from a variety of movement arts and crafts we aim to build a better product of movement than ever before. The result is an understanding of how to move in the most efficient, esthetically pleasing or communicative manner.






Physical performance

Get help to achieve maximum body performance in dance, sports or mental challenges. Let a performance analyst aid you to the next level.


Coaching and profiling

What in your movement vocabulary supports your aims? We help you to observe yourself and ask the right questions to optimise your performance. Learn how to use your body language to get your message across.








Contemporary and modern dance, ballet, jazz, acrobatics, couple dancing and group choreography to suit your film or event.



When you need your fights to look realistic but still mantain an air of stylish action and risk.



Does your actor need to move like a creature, a person of age or with a acrobatic precision?








Virtual reality. The interaction and composition of virtual spaces requires thinking in 360 degrees and volume.


Architecture and product evaluation. What does a room feel like? In what likely and unlikely ways can a product be moved. A dancer has the ability to reveal a number of creative applications for a product.

Let dancers do your product testing and promote extreme innovation.


Process management

Develop new ideas in design by using choreographic and somatic methods to explore possibilities and develop  design, team-work and strategic flow.